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Scientologist Speaks Out: Fears Being"Suicided" PDF Print E-mail
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ImageWe at Crackpot Press have obtained the following document that states huge inproprieties and  hoodwinking by the Church of Scientology in order to get tax-exempt status.

Also check out Conrad Romo's  ongoing series of  in which he reflects on his time as a Scientologist. A new story coming out this weekend.

This is from a senior ex-scientology executive who was present and knew about exactly how Scientology hoodwinked the IRS into giving them the 501c3 church tax exempt status as well as an additional special IRS tax exempt status that allows ONLY Scientologists to deduct ALL of their private religious education costs as fully tax deductible. The special Scientology private religious education costs deduction tax status award by the IRS is current a hot national religious media and tax court appellate legal issue because Jewish and other religious groups are now suing to try to use the same IRS special award to Scientology as a precedent to make ALL their private religious education in the US fully tax exempt as well. The greater part of the reason the IRS gave anything to Scientology was both carefully crafted deception and the covert operations (blackmail, intimidation payola,) etc run on IRS staffers making the determination.

The implications on pubic and private education funding are enormous--- especially if a bogus religious status award and a special private religious education deduction and exemption given only to Scientology now becomes the universal IRS standard for all private education deduction and funding in the US. Enjoy this wild reading! 


Click here! for the whole PDF'd affidavit


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