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Meghan McCain: So Disapointing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Meghan McCain Dirty Sexy PoliticsYou can hire Dave at

Oh, Meghan McCain, you held such hope for us moderates. Lefites who want to work with righties. Innies looking for outties. You don't like big spending. You champion gay rights. You prove you are pro-life by also loving the stem cell research. Maybe there is hope for a moderate Republican sanity surge. I bet you are a big David Bowie and George Jones fan. ME TOO!


You weren't a Palinesque talking point machine. You didn't need to repeat Ahmajinedad" over and over again to prove you were smart. On top of that your were really sassy sexy; an antidote to the starchy, Aquanet Fox News anchor.


And now, it may be all over.

You have decided to repeat the old school Republican talking point "Why Does Hollywood Hate Our Troops?” This is a GOP bit that get resuscitated when they have no more defense of the clusterfucks they created in Iraq, the Economy and the Health Care system. Another good misdirection argument is their annual “War on Xmas” pledge drive.

First of all, Hollywood doesn't hate the troops. That argument is short sighted. You may recall a little thing called the USO. You may recall the propaganda films of the 40's or any movie with John Wayne in. Then there is the former SAG president whose Hollywood showmanship has cemented him as an icon. I remember him as the guy who let all those folks die of AIDS because he was afraid of the girlie men.

No one ever accused the TV show MASH of being anti-troop. FORREST GUMP showed good and bad. More recently "JARHEAD, " based on a memoir, showed the toll that war takes on a variety of different people. All of these were very anti-war yet pro-troop. They also all came out of Hollywood.

In fact, when going with the "Hollywood Hates our Troops" shtick you should mention that Hollywood makes a lot of folks villains. So why not add in that Hollywood hates Motel Clerks, the Unemployed, Orphans, Guys Who Live in Lakes, Zombies, Wall Street Execs, Dentists and Alan Rickman.

We DO love Vampires and Pirates..

Keep in mind all of these people are FICTIONAL. Remember Pat Tilman and Jessica Lynch? Those were real people until the GOP fictionalized them for political game. Then the GOP controlled congress repeatedly cut Vet benefits.

So, really, who hates who? Maybe you should ask some of your Hollywood friends.




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