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Metrosexuals Are Ruining Baseball. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Image Ah, the Fall Classic. Early evening games against a  prematurely setting sun, last minute heroics and a whole lot of bugs. There is a Fall Classic sound that I love more and more every year.

The audio I crave is the gravely grumbling of the Yankee fan loud enough to drown out a Coney Island Roller coaster. 

A New Olympic Boyfriend PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karen Crackpot   

 Every Olympics I pick a new boyfriend.  It keeps me excited and involved in the games.

For the winter Olympics of 2002, my boyfriend was Apolo Anton Ohno. Yes, he may seem like an obvious choice now, but at the time, he was an out of nowhere short-track speed skater. I’d never even heard of short-track before I fell in love with this kid from Seattle.

The AVP: Green vs. Green PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

ImageFinally, our spring like summer has turned to full on Summer and time for some world class pro-beach volleyball action The event never disappoints but there are couple of things the AVP needs to improve on. Firstly, as a beach/ocean sport, the AVP needs to be a bit more environmentally conscious, the other is about the brand new admission prices.


5 Easy Steps PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giles Weaver   

5 Easy Steps to Winning the NCAA Basketball Tournament
(Without Actually Being on a Team),
Getting the Girl (Without Any Effort Whatsoever),
& Surviving March Madness (Without Being Incarcerated).


ImageIt’s that magical and mad time of year again.  Dreams will be realized.  Hearts will be broken.  A champion will be crowned.  College girls will throw off their clothes.  But enough about me.  Let’s talk basketball.

 First, no whining.  I don’t want hear any more whining about your team’s seed, their bracket, where they have to travel, that they have to play at night, that your star player is injured, or how the committee gave them the shaft.  There will be absolutely no more whining of any sort.  The rules are simple.  Six games in a row in March no matter what your seed, who you play, or where you play.  Six games and your national champions.  It’s that simple.  Don’t ruin it with your petty ways.

Live from ALBANY-- Pro Beach Volleyball? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   


With the football season wrapped and baseball six weeks away… what could possibly fill the sports void? How about Pro Beach Volleyball in the Artic? In a case of life imitating a commercial, the AVP is live today from ALBANY, NEW YORK! 

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