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Did the Red Sox Get a Free Pass? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Crackpot   

ImageI am beginning to think the Mitchell report is tainted. Why are the Red Sox coming out so squeaky clean? I think Mitchell gave them a free pass. 

As we now know a preliminary list was released by We also know that Mitchell has ties to the Boston Red Sox and is a managing director. He profits when they do well. The Red Sox have gotten all high and mighty about their drug testing policies. But via The Smoking Gun we now see players that were on the original list that were not on the “Official List.” Dead spin only missed on about 15%. Let’s take a look at original Deadspin list

Johnny Damon (BoSox)
Jason Varitek (BoSox)
Nomar Garciaparra (BoSox, now Dodgers)
Ivan Rodriguez (Rangers, Tigers, Marlins)
Jeff Bagwell  (Astros)
Milton Bradley  (many teams currently with Rangers, A’s Last season)
Kerry Wood  (CUBS)
Mark Prior  (CUBS)
Trot Nixon  (BoSox)
Mike Cameron
Brady Anderson (Orioles one year with the Red Sox, no big deal)
Albert Belle (Indians, White Sox, Orioles)
Kyle Farnsworth (CUBS, Yankees)
Wally Joyner (Royals, Padres, Angels) 

That’s right, 4 major Bosox on the unofficial list. Also the Red Sox released a self congratulatory statement PRIOR to the list even being announced. The must have been given a good sized heads up by Mitchell. How else can you devour a 400 page report prior to it even being published?

My theory is that Mitchell’s allegiance to the Red Sox has tainted this report. They couldn’t just take off only Red Sox. So they added a few more names. This is what raised my eyebrow… MILTON BRADLEY is not on roids? If there has ever been a case of consistent Roid Rage Bradley is the one. He has a long history of weirdo violent behavior on the field. Throwing bats, beating on fans and in this clip he breaks a bat over his knee.



Mike Cameron was not included in the report despite the fact that he has already been suspended for “enhanced substances.” How do they not include him, that was a freebe? . Now I am no Yankee fan… I’ve seen them beat up on my A’s FAR too many times. But doesn’t it seem odd that they got hit the hardest (7 or 8 names) while the Red Sox get a free pass?

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