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"Blogs For Bush" Distance Themselves from.. er.. Bush.. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Well isn't this awkward?

Blogs for Bush ” has been a blog that I have been repeatedly abuse on and censored from. So it is with great joy that I report that BLOGS FOR BUSH is no MORE!

Facing falling ratings that seem to coincide with their President’s popularity, BLOGS FOR BUSH is folding into a new blog.  What do you do when your blog champions an unpopular president and takes a face plant? 

Take a page from the Rove/Cheney play book and simply change the name!


Change it to something more satisfying to the ear, something optimistic.. something that sounds less loserly… something like BLOGS FOR VICTORY! It must have taken half of a tuna sandwich to inspire up  that bit o' genius.. 

BLOGS FOR VICTORY??? Everyone loves Victory!

From their site: 

What's Next For Blogs For Bush?

By Matt Margolis at 12:46 AM

Even before the 2004 Election, people were asking "What happens to Blogs ForBush after the election?" I've left my intentions unknown to the masses for a long while, but today I'm ready to not only reveal the answer, but I'm ready to show you.

I am pleased to introduce you to Blogs For Victory.

Blogs For Victory will replace Blogs For Bush. Some of the more popular and blog entries have been copied over, should you want to continue the discussion there. Unfortunately, importing all the posts and comments proved to be too cumbersome.

And don't worry, Blogs For Bush won't be closing down. the archives will remain intact, but no future posts will be made here.

We hope you enjoy our new home.

 Oh yes, I will enjoy your new home… if I can actually post there.


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