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They vs. Carrie PDF Print E-mail
Written by Crackpot   

Carrie Prejean makes out with dog in her pantiesWhen will THEY stop persecuting solo video star, Carrie Prejean?

Probably when she stops lying to them. TMZ has taken out their wacking stick and let her Pre-Queen boyfriend speak out. Apparently, he had been instructed by Carrie to say that the video was taken when she was 17. This way it might be laughed off as a teenage indiscretion. 

Well, the video was taken when she was 20.

She was only 21 when she she gave her "Fear of Gay Nation" answer. So this means that the video was taken while SHE WAS IN COMPETITION. This is a direct violation of her contract and why she got canned. There is also some pictures the EXBF took while on a vacation. Most are innocuous, but there is one where Carrie is in her panties with her legs spread. There is another one where Carrie may or may not be getting ready to give a front seat blowjob. A third has Carrie making out with a dog. You be the judge.

Since she used the "I was only 17" excuse for the other semi-nude photos, we have to assume she was lying about that too. I've have always assumed that was bullshit anyway. Since she would have been taking nude photos as a minor, charges should have been pressed. They weren't.

People hate being lied to and will seek revenge if they are.

So Carrie has GOP victimization complex. This pathological condition is limited to folks who have done something wrong and can't admit it. Therefore it MUST BE someone else's fault. Whose fault is it? "They." She eluded to this mysterious "They" several times in  both her interviews with King and Hannity.  Blogger? The Ex-Boyfriend? The folks behind the Razor phone?

See Carrie, if you hadn't given THEM a sex tape to talk about, THEY wouldn't be talking.
Just ask Paris... or Perez.


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