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Written by Kate Crash   
Kate Crash, our resident rockstar, will be headlining the Black and White Fetish masquerage ball for NYE. See Kate's video "Ain't Got Much" here.

The white room
The white room
The white room
The spatula’d soul’d
The white room
The blonde girl
Standing alone
Bare bone’d


The truth
Come in fragments
Mixed with the dreams
Beach’d bottled memories
With papers torn of codes
That are broken truths
Of the person who I might have been
Before something I don’t remember anymore

I don’t know if I’m lying to you
The white room
I’m lying there
I love you
Take me back
I’m in my closet
I speed through time and life in the closet
I disappear at night
Little coated men
I thought it was pretend
That’s what the psych’s said
And all the meds
Didn’t stop them

The white room
A mirror piece found on a movie screen… was that me did that happen to me
Where’ the white room
Why am I in the white room
The white room
The white room
The white room
Leave me a lone
Don’t take me
A mirror piece found in a light flash over the beach
Strange objcts that fly at me
Into me
The fear, don’t give me the fears
Years no sleep
Closet white room closet school self mtiliation and t\v
The room the room
The room and the death of me
The birth of me
I am not from here
I am not this creature here
I was put into this machine body
It’s a machine
I am not human
I am not robot
I am not alien
I am a little bit of everything

The white roo,
There I cfound a nother piece of mirror in his tongue with that conversation about
Others abductions

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