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Conan and a Few Barbarians PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   


In this bit, the Conan folks send Deon Cole, an African-American writer to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. As can be expected he sorta stood out like “a black man in (Conan’s) audience.” This can be expected when one travels to a land of snazzy Animal House ties and serial killer buzzcuts.

But is the RNC has bigoted as it appears?

t’s a funny bit but considering real events, Deon Cole is not far off base.

How far does the RNC have to go to prove that they aren’t a party of bigots? Let’s rolls some tape. Despite the obvious in which they enthusiastically restrict rights to select portion of the population, at the convention alone, there have been at least two documented instances of bigotry.

Tuesday, the Republican delegate from Puerto Rico got shouted down by her own party. Reince Priebus had to settle these folks down.  Watch the eyes of Priebus that seem to say “Shit. Looks like some folks hit the Appleby's bar at lunch”

Next we learn, that an African-American CNN camera operator had peanuts thrown at her and was told “that’s how we feed animals.”

Judging from at least two instances at the convention, “the base” hasn’t changed much since the McCain/Palin rallies of 2008. These were festivals of folks who hate Gays, Muslims, immigrants, Latinos, Liberals, Ron Paul supporters – pretty much anyone who doesn’t follow the strict code.

Sure, I am certain that there are many folks behaving themselves perfectly well, or as well as anyone behaves at a convention. However, the GOP never dismisses these idiots for fear of disrupting their voter power. How hard would it be for Priebus just to say “Shut up, you assholes!”?

That’s the kind of leadership I am looking for.


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