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Why the HELL does Mitt Romney Keep Coming to California? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Mitt Romney has been spending a lot of time in California. No GOP presidential candidate, let alone a president, has spent this much time on California streets since Reagan died. If they visit Northern California they are burned in effigy or have their motorcades because of their despicable record on AIDS and civil rights. If they visit Southern California they are treated with more blasé than the first three innings of a Dodgers game. As Conan points out, we know REAL famous people and don’t need him. We don’t even need Obama when we have Gwen Stefani, Jack Nicholson and Bob Saget?

Outside of visiting his new car elevator in La Jolla, the only real reason is that Mitt Romney is mining what is left of the last few dimes of California Republicans. Well, the big ones, the vast Red portions of the state from Valencia up the I-5 through the farmland to Oakland-ish area really don’t have two dimes to rub together. And who it’s depressing to hang out with those poor people.

In reality, California has provided a lot of power in my lifetime. Eight years of Reagan, Eight years of Nixon, a near miss for Jack Kemp, Ford said he was Michigan, but spent most of his post-presidency in Palm Springs. We gave you Arnold Schwartzenegger and keep a healthy balance of both flavors of politicians in the Statre legislator.

But why in the late innings is Romney hanging out here? He needs to make progress in the Ohio’s, Nevadas and EVEN IN FLORIDA. Why is hanging out here? It’s gotta be more than money and just to hang out with these folks:

Is he looking for a new job? It can’t be that a going to the Hispanic conference holds that much weight. Or visiting a bunch of Orange County Repubs for money… he has plenty of money. Can it just be that he just really doesn’t know how to hit a campaign stop?

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