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Ah, Time for the Playoffs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   


Ah, the debates.

It’s awesome that they are taking place on the last day of a very dramatic MLB season. Especially with the Bay Area hippy A’s facing off with George Bush’s Texas Redneck Super Christian Rangers, who have lost the last two world series.

Politics is similar to baseball.


There are some of us who scout the next big thing in spring. Then we watch as many pre-season events as possible. We follow the rookies, the managers, the 1st base coaches, the veterans and keep memorized notes on each. We see a gal at the game with a scorecard and a nacho dog and think “How sexy is that?”

Then there is everyone else who waits until September to indulge in the National Pastime. The everyone else who waits until it is a there is a big fight with real consequences and some folks go home  the next day.

Well for both politics and baseball we have a collision promising over the top wicked zingahs. The Oakland A vs. The Texas Ranger. (okay I know neither of these people are from there but it’s a metaphor people!).

Romney folks had leaked that they have a number of Zingers to unleash. Which is fine and all but what we need from Romney are facts. Like what all his grand economic plans are and what the hell he has exactly been doing for the last four years.  He’s like the Ralph Nader of the right. He just shows up every four years and demands to be President.

Oddly enough, Obama needs to do the opposite. He needs to stop over explaining it and throw in some curve balls. And some fast balls. Like a 10 second answer to something.

As Conan points out, these guys are both stammmmmmmeremerermres. Which would make it impossible for either of them to steal second, get a bunt down. They are both sluggers by neither will connect and score unless it is a home run on their home field

But alas, Romney was commanding and Obama was off his game.

Hopefully this was just innocuous mid-summer pastime game.

The good news for Obama is, George Bush had probably one of the worst debate performances ever.

And that guy won.



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