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No Deal.No Fans. No Monday Night. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

I am kind of ashamed of myself.
I am Pro-Union.
I supported the WGA strike.
I was shocked at the Union Busting in Wisonsin.
I was on Team Coco.
I don't read HuffPo anymore because they the prime example of why we need unions. One person makes 100s of millions by exploiting her "employees"

Yet, I haven't gotten behind the refs.I am now.

Why the HELL does Mitt Romney Keep Coming to California? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Mitt Romney has been spending a lot of time in California. No GOP presidential candidate, let alone a president, has spent this much time on California streets since Reagan died. If they visit Northern California they are burned in effigy or have their motorcades because of their despicable record on AIDS and civil rights. If they visit Southern California they are treated with more blasé than the first three innings of a Dodgers game. As Conan points out, we know REAL famous people and don’t need him. We don’t even need Obama when we have Gwen Stefani, Jack Nicholson and Bob Saget?

It's the Civil Rights Game.. Are We Forgetting Something? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Crackpot   

The Civil Rights Game

Since 2007, Major League Baseball has been hosting an annual Civil Rights Game. It celebrates the breaking of the color barrier some 65 years ago and everyone celebrates how much diversity Major League Baseball has brought to the world. In its short history, it has been hosted twice in Atlanta, Memphis and Cincinnati. All three are hotbeds of continued divisiveness. The first Civil Rights game was the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Cleveland Indians. An interesting choice, as the Indians have the most racist mascot in all of sports.

Now, the MLB does deserve some props and the All-American Pastime has become more of a world sport. Sure, minorities are not well represented in the front offices, and I believe Magic Johnson is the first black owner, or at least the PR face, of a ball club. It does evolve, probably not as fast some folks want, but it does better than other front-facing industries for example, the Movie and Television industry.


Big Hugger Kerri Walsh Has Pink Eye PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Aw crap. Kerri Walsh has come out and said that she has contracted Pink Eye - which is godawful. According to Dr. Wikipedia, it comes with a sore throat and cold symptoms.

She gave it to her husband but  not the kids. But folks this more than a cold, it can wipe your shit out. I would have expected this from douchebag and grillmaster Ryan Lochte but the Golden Girls don’t go trolling the east end for hookers. They may hug just a bit too much though.

But wow, think of the intimidation factor! Expect to start hearing teams start ducking out the way when a block comes their way.

She will keep playing but as we all know Kerri Walsh Jennings is not only a ferocious player but a big hugger.  So I would guess this will also curtail most of the popular on-court celebrations that seem to happen after every point scored. Last Olympics she got an endorsement deal for that shoulder tape she wore (I believe that technology is also used for boobs in tight dresses) can Purell be far behind? See some great Kerri hugs after the jump.

They're Finally Back. FINALLY! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   

Helllllllooooo Ladies,

I sort of fell off the Pro Beach VolleybaKerri Walsh Misty May Team USA 2012ll Rah-Rah wagon when the AVP went under a few years ago. With the best players opting to only compete internationally, it just wasn’t the alternative All-American sport that it had been in previous years.

The Manhattan Beach Open turned in to a snooze with a bunch of well-meaning unknowns trying to keep my interest. They were fine players but made me noddy. I longed for the excitement of Misty May, Kerri Walsh, Elaine Youngs, Nicole Branagh, Rachel Wacholder and, of course, Team Crackpot Jen Kessy and April Ross. But ya couldn’t see them live and rarely on tv here in SoCal, the birthplace of the beach. Beach Volleyball wasn’t dead to me but it needed a good electro-jolt to get it moving again.


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