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The Fredo Factor
Written by Dave Crackpot   

“I’m smart -- not like everybody says! I want respect!” – Fredo Corleone

American is now run by Fredo. Fredo now runs the Republican Party and, as a result, the Congress is run by Fredo. You have been pwnd by Fredo.

So I guess the Tea Party isn’t so much of a jokey little brother anymore. Sure, the Tea Party has come off as a bunch of dumb rednecks without any real knowledge of how the world works. Their leaders have no grasp of history, loathe science and aren’t fans of math either. The GOP has no Michael. So Fredo is running the show.

This week we learned what happens when Fredo runs the family.


The Politics of Oprahnization.
Written by Mike Crackpot   

Since Oprah is now of the air, we thought we'd revist this piece from five or so years ago.

Long has been the time that has passed since a piece about the negative effects of Oprah has been pursued by my late past midnight writing habits. However, there hasn’t been a right reason to begin to lay out the attack until recently. And there’s one little undeserving writer to thank for it – James Frey.

Immediately, I need to inform the reader that this piece (nor this website) is anyway is defending James Frey. This isn’t about him (although it is very much about the impact of his “memoir”). This piece also is not about the book, “A Million Little Pieces,” but instead it is about something more important: the “idea” of the book and the “idea” of Oprah. If nothing else, isn’t all life a continual battle if Ideas? Here at Crackpot Press, and other bastions of true journalism, you will get nothing less.

The Revolution is TOTALLY 80's!
Written by Dave Howard   

"Mr. Adams, this revolution is about your petty personal grievances. Your taxes are too high. Well, sir so are mine." John Dickinson, the sole vote against U.S. Independence.

Well, I kinda think that's what went down. I saw it in a movie once.

There is an old phrase in Hollywood when describing art house films "It ain't gonna play in Peoria."  Well, I WANT YOUR MONEY will play well in Peoria, Raleigh, Bakersfield and Dallas. This op-ed doc-style flick, directed by Ray Griggs,  lionizes Reagan and skewers every other president in the last 80 years. It might become a Tea Party rallying call. A cinematic yelp to lower taxes and reel in spending, this will be a big hit with the "Beck and Call" crowd. The movie comes out October 15th in red-area movie theaters (i.e. in Burbank rather than WeHo) in time to try and influence the election. If it gets a bump from Fox News or  Rush it might even enjoy some some decent viewership.

In a jellybean bag, the movie's main theme is "If you aren't Ronald Reagan, you can suck it." Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Nixon, Pelosi, Palin  and, especially, Obama, are portrayed as inexperienced nincompoops who could use a few wise words from the Gipper.

This piece also tears me in two between my journalistic self and my blogger self. So I am breaking this one up in to two parts: "The Review" and "The Critque."  This movie preaches to a choir that doesn't let me sing with them,  so I think this is fair.

It would also be fair to mention, that I have a helluva singing voice.

Slow and Mellow: Manhattan Beach Open:
Written by Dave Howard   

With the AVP a no-show at the Manhattan Beach Open, there were a ton of questions on the courts.

Who's playing?Who is that?
What are the new rules? What is it a net rule?
Is someone winning? What's the score?


Kerri's New Partner, AVP going under?
Written by Dave Howard   

Taking the lead from Hall of Famer, Holly McPeak, Kerri Walsh has chosen to mentor a player on the cusp of greatness diving into the shallow end of her prime. McPeak played with now stars of the AVP such as Nicole Branagh, Jen Kessy .  Now Kerri has plucked out Brooke Hansen for the most coveted spot in the sand.  I don’t think they can take out Treanor/Branagh but  this will be an interesting pairing for the rest of the summer. After the jump get to know Brooke. 

Well, if there IS a rest of the summer.

Another National Unemployment Day
Written by Dave Howard   

Aw crap, another National Unemployment Day. (You can read about the origins of National Unemployment Day here.)

National Unemployment day, July 2nd, has usually been a rite of passage for the Unemployed.It's OUR day, a day to mock the smug office jockeys who collect a paycheck every week. The reasoning has always been that it's summer and you ain't getting a job today.. Time to have a few daytime beers at the Farmer's Market, go take in a decadent $10 matinee at the Arclight or darken your mouth with a chocolate dipped softee at the Santa Monica Pier

But this year, there is a hollow booooonnng this National Unemployment Day's Eve.

Where Is The Victory Lap?
Written by Dave Howard   

I waited for a while on posting to let my personal rage to subside.


The GOP has triumphed over the folks they put out of work and stopped unemployment benefits for those who have been on the dole for over six months (depending on which state you live in)!   41 brave Republicans and one turncoat Democrat  have stood solid, showing the majority of senators just who really is in control. This moral victory in wrangling in the deficit will surely be shouted to the heavens.

But, wait, where is the smug spin zone?

Can We Get Some Showmanship, Please?
Written by Dave Howard   

An Open Plea To Frank McCourt

So I dressed up the family in Dodger Blue on Tuesday and drove down to the Orange Curtain to watch us get a disappointing beating at the hand of Los Angeles Angels of  Anaheim last night. As a Dodger mini-plan holder I can take a loss but there was something I couldn't take.

Now I hate the Angel's as much as the next guy but there is something they have that the Dodgers
just can't get their minds around... Showmanship, Razzle-Dazzle and Jibba-Jabba. The organization had these fans riled up and guess what happened? Clayton Kershaw got jacked by the 10th man, the fans.

So let's take a look at what we could be doing differently.

What is My Superpower?
Written by Dave Howard   

I've been watching this cool little animated series of shorts on called "Chadam"

Since the episodes are short, they dole out information with an eyedropper. So far, this is what I have been able to glean. The residents of  Vulture have been under an attack from an evil mastermind and have blockaded themselves into the remote district Cardboard City. Chadam, who has been pulling a Rip Van Winkle awakes to the new doom his city has become. He seems to be discovering that he has a superpower, he can make drawings leap off the page and do his bidding.

It got me thinking, do I have a superpower that I a taking for granted?

8: The Mormon Proposition
Written by Dave Howard   

So this is how Californians got hoodwinked by some Utah good ole boys?

November 5, 2008 was the day hope and hate collided in California. The front page of the L.A. Times blared "IT'S OBAMA!" An unfamiliar optimistic feeling was emerging. But as it seems with many Democrat victories, the second headline was a kick to gut. "In California, gay-marriage ban takes early lead."  It soured the Obama victory and gave us a reminder that Bushies were not extinct, just in the closet.

How in the HELL did this happen?

Health Care Reform Will Help Everybody
Written by Barbara O'Brien   

Many Americans assume the new health care reform act will benefit mostly the poor and uninsured and hurt everyone else, according to polls. As Matt Yglesias wrote, “Basically, people see this as a bill that will take resources from people who have health insurance and give it to people who don’t have health insurance.” Those who still oppose the reform say that people ought to pay for their own health care.

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