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The Eastwood Factor
Written by Dave Howard   

The word consistency isn't one you hear very often around town. Well, unless you are talking about Clint Eastwood. In a time of ankling, shingling and other snap dappery, Eastwood has maintained an office on the Warner Bros lot for the last 35 years. Even more impressive, in that time span he has managed to churn out more great product than mediocre. Eastwood has never made a bad film.  He puts out about one movie every year, which is quite a feat.

Looking For Eric
Written by Dave Howard   

The feel good movie of the year is directed by Ken Loach?

Ken Loach is better known for his movies about historical morality and social issues. Case in point, yesterday at the Cannes film festival he denounced George Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals. This was done while walking the red carpet to his own premiere of "Route Irish"

More Muppet Mash Ups
Written by Dave Howard   

A while back, I did a bit for Ranker that has gotten some play. It's a bit on Muppet Mash Ups. The good folks over at Free Ice Cream shot me this.

My list is already locked but it's worth checking out.



"In My Sleep:" Sleeper or Snoozer?
Written by Dave Howard   


There was a time from the late 80's to the mid 90's when being into indie flick meant something. It was a renaissance with folks like Spike Lee, Quentin Tarrantino, Robert Rodriguez and Doug Liman did some great work out of the grasp of the studios reach. Camp-itilizing on this were a slew of indie rip-offs thattried (and sometimes succeeded) in getting good sized names to participate in their "gems" with the glory of a snow capped multi-million dollar deal twinkling in their eyes. These were mostly schlock in the exploitation genre of "erotic thriller," a dumbed down version of film noir. The king of the studio erotic thriller was probably the Sharon Stone thriller, "Sliver" one of her post "Basic Instinct" turns co-starring a then promising Billy Baldwin. That was a formula that duplicated countless times on late night Cinemax.

Year of the Groom: Diamond
Written by Dave Howard   


Year of the Groom is an ongoing series.

When it has come time to propose, every guy I know has had it screwed up. The reason was because there were elements (her) beyond their control.

Now it's my turn.

I'd Like To Work At Your Firm
Written by Greg Mills   

Greg Mills can also be read at the BASTARD OF ART AND COMMERCE

Offer me a job. At your work.

I will take it, by gum. I will bring my own lunch. I'll sit quietly, and cheerfully.

I could tidy, collate, bring in the elephants.

Got a waxing need? I'll wax it. Canvas need stretching? I'll get my gloves.

Nude Fat Man Eating Cookie Dough VIII: I Am The Lizard King
Written by Greg Mills   

Nude Fat Cat

Cookie dough, as you may have gleaned, dear attentive reader, is my ambrosia and nectar, my soma and my score.

Billy J. Condor: Live From Agora Hills
Written by Billy J. Condor   

I have to play that song again.

After twenty years, it’s still hard to make the transition from Arena to small venue. We used to think of the small venues as the Fillmore and the Troubador. The Fillmore always smelt better. Both were good intimate shows.  Tonight I am playing Agoura Hills in a 500 seater off the 101 next to a Del Taco. They have mooseheads on the wall. This is too intimate.


Star Trek as "The A-Team"
Written by Dave Howard   

Nobody Knows Nothin': Tales From the Script
Written by Dave Howard   

So do you REALLY want to be a screenwriter?

"Tales From the Script" a new documentary by Peter Hanson gathers over two dozen screenwriters to explore the honored and abused craft.  A frank discussion of the ups and downs of the trade, the flick is a fascinating watch as it peers into the minds of the working screenwriter. You could take countless "How To Get Your Screenplay Sold" classes and never get the full picture of what a career looks like. Save your $300 on the seminar and see this flick first

7 Oscer Winners Turned Losers
Written by Dave Howard   

Here's a bit I did for another site.

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