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Smitty Gets A New Gig
Written by Max "Smitty" Schmidt   

Cheesecake Factory is hiringHello Smitty the Veteran Assistant to the Talent Agent of the Stars here!

Well, this recession is really effecting everyone now. There is simply nothing going on. Feeling a bit guilty about the amount time that I have been using work to enhance my “Second Life” resume, I took one for the agency. I have voluntarily laid myself off.  My boss shouldn’t have to pay my salary during this time. I don’t want to bankrupt the agency. Without the company I do not exist.

It’s a slow time of year to begin with for Episodic TV and things are tight. I can’t justify my $400 a week salary. Morty, my boss, usually spends this time of year in his place in the Caymans. I haven’t heard from him in about two weeks, so I just decided to type up an email to let him know. Our daily phone log has gone from 12 a day to 1-ish..

God, I’m good…for the Greater Good.

Terrencio and the stone hearted boy bones
Written by Kate Crash   
Kate Crash Beat Poetry Poetry SlamKate Crash can also be found here.
The schizophrenic sometimes ex junkie terrencio
liked to take off all his clothes and show me his penis.
                            little black penis
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